Guaranteed Instant Focus

subliminal audio track that keeps your butt glued to the chair – providing instant & measurable productivity.

No more hoping you don’t waste another day.  You’ll get your work done without…

struggling to stay on task


praying your kids leave you alone long enough to get through your to-do list


wasting precious time finding the right ‘mood music’ to inspire you

Instead, use this audio track and instantly get your work done

I am Shannon Townsend, Get Shit Done Coach and founder of the #BragOutLoud Movement.

I create tools entrepreneurs need to keep sane and moving forward in their business. The Subliminal Focus Track is by far my favorite tool and now it can be yours too.  All it takes is a set of headphones and you’ll be blasting through your mile long to-do list faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. 

This will work, even if:

EVEN IF – you only have an hour a day to get everything done.

EVEN IF – you’ve never been able to get anything past the 75% finished landmark.

EVEN IF – you feel like you only know how to spin your wheels.

This subliminal audio track guarantees you’ll get work done.

Instant Focus & Productivity in a 68 Minute MP3

Easy & Subliminal take your over used will power muscle out of the equation and hit PLAY Hyper Focus & Natural Sounds without someone nagging in your ear or synthesized instruments Boost Creativity & Call in Abundance this track also reminds you to stay creative and let it flow it’s like a magical boost, without the need for meditation Works Better The More You Use It you read that right, the more often this plays, the faster, easier, and more effective it becomes

Start using the Subliminal Focus Track instantly!

Direct Download – $19

Has anyone else used this?

Take a look at some lovely things people have said about the track, proving I’m in this with & for you!


Q. Will this make me cluck like a chicken?
A. I wish! The subliminal track and energetic encoding are gentle reminders to stay focused, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the process.  I promise you won’t start clucking like a chicken whenever you hear the word, “mosquito.”
Q. Can I listen to this audio on repeat?
A. Absolutely. The track is designed to be gentle, so you can listen to it on repeat or even as quiet background music while you sit down to work.
Q. Will there be weird noises or bi-neural beats?
A. NO!  This is the sound of a nice heavy rain – nothing else.  When I approached Karolyn to create this track for me, I told her of my struggles to find

  • good music to work to,
  • didn’t cost a ton of money,
  • have odd sound effects,
  • or use bi-neural beats – they make my eyes twitchy and I get a bit agitated.

We’ve created this to work easily and without any adverse eye-twitch-inducing effects.

Q. How will I get this 'magic'?
A.  You’ll click the link below and check out using Gumroad.  As soon as you hit, pay now, you’ll be able to download the track directly.  You’ll also be emailed a link to the track so you can download it onto any of your devices.
Q. Can I use this while operating heavy machinery or driving?
A. Please do not listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery.  PLUS, you should use that time to enjoy a good audio-book or jam out to your favorite music!
Q. How did you make this?
I had the idea and approached a good friend of mine, Karolyn McKinely MS, LMFT, is a psychotherapist and coach dedicated to ease & magic.  She took my idea and produced this audiotrack so that each and every person who picks it up, gets done just what they need to – in the easiest way possible.  I ADORE all of Karolyn’s work and when I was hit with this idea, I knew it had to be done by Karolyn – there wasn’t really another option, she’s just too good!
Q. Who produced this?
The idea, goals, and imagineering behind this track were a collaboration between Karolyn McKinely & myself.  We searched high and low to find just the right background music to cover her subliminal track and were not satisfied with anything we came across.  Karolyn dusted off this rain track that she recorded herself in her home in Seattle and it was the perfect fit.  The production was Karolyn’s creation and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
Q. What are the Instructions for Use and Disclaimer?

Instructions for Use: This energetically-encoded subliminal recording with nature sounds induces a relaxed and focused state of being. It will assist you to start and finish tasks and projects, develop a success mindset, open up your creativity, and attract wealth and abundance.

You may listen to this subliminal track at normal volume or with the sound turned down and playing in the background. The recording is energetically-encoded so that you only experience what your system is ready and willing to process and integrate each time you use it. Best results occur with repeated use over time.

The track is intended for personal use only and its incorporation into other programs, materials, or any other unauthorized uses is strictly prohibited.

Also, please note that whatever benefit you receive from using this subliminal recording is directed by you. You are always in charge of your own healing and manifestation, and it is my desire that this process enhances what you wish to create in your life.

Disclaimer: Please do not listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Also, in the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.

Ready to be more productive

than ever before?

Start using the Subliminal Focus Track instantly!

Direct Download – $19